I am an Executive coach, Creativity and leadership facilitator and trainer with extensive experience of supporting people and organisations achieve their potential.

I work with people to help them be their best, creating a vision for their future and charting a journey to get there. As this will inevitably involve change, my focus is on enabling change to happen both at an individual behavioral level or strategic level.

The way I work is different because I have found that using a creative approach to change really works. It lifts people out of their present situation, in which they can often feel stuck,  and offers a new way of seeing and being.

I have a passion for working with leaders who wish to really engage their team and use creative approaches to developing their business.  I firmly believe that if we are engaged in our work, then we become our best.

The path I have taken to get here has led me from a fairly traditional start in Human Resource Management through being a Development Manager in Higher education and then on to creating my own business.

At all times I have been eager not to accept the status quo and to challenge ways of working. One example of this led to the development of a program for  mature students to be accepted into university.

Probably one of my proudest achievements was when we started to attract women onto the program who had never considered education important, nor had the money or time to follow a path of self discovery, and had then found that the satisfaction of developing themselves and opening up opportunities very exciting.

However it was at the point that I discovered creativity for business whilst studying for an MBA that I found my passion and excitement. As I have always believed that we can all make a difference, I set out to use this new-found knowledge and skills to work through a culture change program in my organisation. This proved challenging in many ways but deeply satisfying at times and fun!

Since this time, over 20 years ago, I have set up my own business and worked as a trainer, educator, facilitator and a coach, developing my competence in all these domains and increasingly working with creative tools and techniques to bring results.

Some examples of programs I have initiated and worked on include:

  • Jump starting a change program within a division of a major US international corporation by facilitating a creative workshop and following up with one to one coaching for all participants.
  • Facilitating leadership programs with a number of international organisations using creative techniques
  • Working to create harmony and vision in teams and in particular diverse teams using creative techniques.
  • Facilitated many creative problem solving workshops

I have an MBA, an honours degree in Psychology, am a Member of the British Psychology Society and Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (UK based).

I am a trained coach (ICF accredited school) and have StrengthsPartnership accreditation as a STRONG Business coach.

For examples of my interest in the field of leadership and creativity please take a look at my blog.