Creativity will become one of the top three skills workers will need by 2020 – World Economic Forum

As one of the most important competences in the 21st century, it is important to note that everyone can be creative and with some good tools, amazing acts of creativity can happen. Change is a given in today’s environment and creativity is a great vehicle for visioning, engaging and enabling change to happen.


Change it Creatively Workshops

Change happens whether we like it or not! There are certain times in our life when change is more likely to happen and it is at this point that attending a Change it Creatively workshop would be empowering and supporting.

The process this workshop takes you through will enable you to envision your future and plan your journey to get there.

You will come away with clarity and confidence about moving forward.

Barbara Wilson has developed a unique approach to using creative techniques in her coaching and workshops to enable change at a group or individual level. She has recently published a book on creativity for leaders with Tracy Stanley, entitled Creativity Cycling.

Creative tools and  techniques make great use of intuitive methods and enable people to become more creative and innovative, developing their intuition.

We all have the capacity to make good use of our intuition. Isenberg (1987) asserts that this is what managers do in their day to day managing and it is drawing upon experience and knowledge – taping into our wisdom that then helps to make better decisions. So how do we tap into this?

Often we have physical sensations that something is happening, or is right or wrong, and we need to listen to our inner voices. Listen to clues that are often there in the environment.

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